IMSciences soft launches Women Digital Empowerment Portal

PESHAWAR: The IMSciences, in collaboration with the GIZ has soft launched the Women Digital Empowerment Portal

KP Chief Secretary, Muhammad Saleem Khan was the chief guest. Marcel from the GIZ was present as well. The students and teachers of the institute attended the event. The Women Digital Empowerment Platform is a virtual platform where the women can talk freely about the issues and problems they face. The project is backed up by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. This platform will enable the women to give opinions to the government which will resultantly formulate policies to empower women.

A video presentation was given about the portal. On this portal, women will have the ability to get to know about the different social, economic and political policies of Pakistan. They will be familiarised with women’s rights by means of documents, PowerPoint presentations and videos. Once women give opinions on situations pertinent to them, the portal will help the policymakers take actions to solve the issues. There will also be a discussion forum on the website in which the women can participate. After Director IMSciences, Dr Muhammad Mohsin Khan welcomed the guests. Marcel from the GIZ talked about how impressed he was with IMSciences for working diligently to promote the empowerment of women.

The KP chief secretary talked about the issues that women face and how women are supposed to be empowered and respected by society.

He talked about the power of social media and said that it has helped the government take actions to improve the well-being of society.